Luxembourg vel'oh! stations

The display below allows you to visualize vel'oh! usage for each of the 70+ stations in Luxembourg city.

The graphs allow you to understand how individual withdrawals and deposits at vel'oh! stations accumulate to cause droughts (no bikes available at a station) and floods (no places available to deposit a bike). In addition to individuals making changes to bike supplies there is also the bike balancing service that attempts to transfer bikes from stations that contain or will contain too many or too few bikes. The effects of the service can be clearly seen as they cause sharp jumps or declines in the number of bikes at a station.

The image below show two cases. The one on the left shows a preemtive withdrawal by the bike service to allow afternoon workers to deposit more bikes than would otherwise be possible. The example on the right shows a premature bike removal by the service. The withdrawal of the remaining bikes by morning commuters caused a drought lasting most of the work day until workers returned home, replenished the stock of the station.

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vel'oh! station #1