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November 16th, 2011

Gougeres close up

Gougères are puff pastry with cheese. While the ingredients are few and common, the labour of mixing the pastry dough is physical. I sit and place the pot between my knees so that I can stir with both hands using a strong spoon. I have broken a wooden spoon before. The cougères are great with soup as a side dish or as an appetizer when you have guests over. I often make a double batch and freeze 2/3 for future meals.


January 24th, 2010

Golden soufflé

I baked a soufflé yesterday with the new dish Julia bought me for my birthday. It turned out really well. An important part of a yummy soufflé is the crunchy bits on the sides/bottom/top. The trick is to make sure all these surfaces are covered in grated cheese! Butter the dish then coat with grated cheese. Place the filling in the baking dish then sprinkle a few additional tablespoons of grated cheese on top.

Soufflés are deceptively easy and quick to make but they should not be over estimated in terms of quantity. While soufflés look big and impressive, once dished out it looks more like a side – and should be served as such.

Here’s the full recipe: