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December 12th, 2012

A strategy and dexterity game for simple minds

Gaëlle has been a big fan of the Peppa pig series over the last year since she received one of the DVDs as gift. One of the earlier episodes has Peppa and George playing a chicken computer game while sitting on their father’s knees. It’s a simple but exponentially chaotic game. I thought I could create something similar. I give you Pock Pock. It’s a simple and somewhat crude game but I’m quite happy with having created a game that has mouse and keyboard interaction, (some) sound effects and networking. Give Pock Pock a whirl. Gaëlle does not ever use the computer and as a result does not quite have the mouse-screen coordination to play the game yet.

Get your chickens to eat the grass and seeds as fast as possible

Action shot of Pock Pock