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A new context for research

The climate crisis is too frequently invisible or given cursory attention. A new perspective for research and society is needed to make the mitigation pervasive and explicit. This post describes why reframing our research to a more likely future, rather than one that mimics the present but with incremental (and insufficient) effort towards sustainability, is necessary.

Cyrille MdC

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(Header image source #ShowYourStripes shows global temperature for 1850 to 2018)

Freeing NEPTUN's maps

Map tiles can be used for things other than maps. High resolution paintings are one example. NEPTUN provides a wealth of old maps, and other documents, but doesn't allow you to download them as whole files. This script, named Poseiden, does.

Cyrille MdC

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The University of Namur’s library has some wonderful building, local, regional and national maps on their NEPTUN site. They provide a Google Map like pan and zoom functionality using a commercial Flash program called Zoomify. It’s unfortunate they chose to pay for functionality that’s freely available from OpenLayers or Leaflet. Regardless of this the data is not downloadable as a large file. I do not see why data such as this is not made easily and freely available. As a University it…

Pathways - Filling space

Scientific work can sometimes, with a little added work, create nice or appealing graphics. Work on urban growth modelling led to this interactive design tool.

Cyrille MdC

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As part of urban modelling work I was designing ways to fill empty spaces with potential residences. These randomly generated parcels would then be evaluated by potential home buying agents. A spinoff of this work led to an ‘artistic’ graphic design app.

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