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A new context for research

The climate crisis is too frequently invisible or given cursory attention. A new perspective for research and society is needed to make the mitigation pervasive and explicit. This post describes why reframing our research to a more likely future, rather than one that mimics the present but with incremental (and insufficient) effort towards sustainability, is necessary.

Cyrille MdC

21 minutes read

(Header image source #ShowYourStripes shows global temperature for 1850 to 2018)

Freeing NEPTUN's maps

Map tiles can be used for things other than maps. High resolution paintings are one example. NEPTUN provides a wealth of old maps, and other documents, but doesn't allow you to download them as whole files. This script, named Poseiden, does.

Cyrille MdC

1 minute read

The University of Namur’s library has some wonderful building, local, regional and national maps on their NEPTUN site. They provide a Google Map like pan and zoom functionality using a commercial Flash program called Zoomify. It’s unfortunate they chose to pay for functionality that’s freely available from OpenLayers or Leaflet. Regardless of this the data is not downloadable as a large file. I do not see why data such as this is not made easily and freely available. As a University it seems…

Pathways - Filling space

Scientific work can sometimes, with a little added work, create nice or appealing graphics. Work on urban growth modelling led to this interactive design tool.

Cyrille MdC

1 minute read

As part of urban modelling work I was designing ways to fill empty spaces with potential residences. These randomly generated parcels would then be evaluated by potential home buying agents. A spinoff of this work led to an ‘artistic’ graphic design app.

Baltrum, a car-free island community

Our car culture is one alternative, others work fine too.

Cyrille MdC

6 minutes read

As you leave behind a car park and, after a 40 minute ferry trip, arrive to a much more peaceful wagon park, the car-free contrast is jarring. Not only is the setting calmer but the people have also relaxed. No one is in a rush to find parking, get luggage from the car, get on the ferry before it leaves. Each family walks down the rows of wagons looking for the one with their house number on it. These transport wagons sport a hitch to be mounted behind a bike but also two hand grips so they may…

Cartographic symbol generator

Take a second to check you understand how to scale chart and cartographic symbols appropriately.

Cyrille MdC

1 minute read

I have spoken about inappropriately sized symbols in other posts before. While generating some of the graphics for those articles I realized that it would be quite easy to generate the symbols automatically based on their values rather than trying to size them manually within the graphics editor. This could prevent myself as well as others inadvertent editing mistakes as well as methodological ones where people simply do not consider the correct representation of symbols.

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