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Bon Appétit: have an ad

An infographic critique of magazines and their too many ads.

Cyrille MdC

1 minute read

I don’t read magazines. I enjoy the Weekly Guardian newspaper and surf many websites for news. In reading the American ‘bon appétit’ cooking magazine that Julia gifted me for Christmas I have rediscovered that magazines have too much advertisement. Not only are there many explicit ads, there are ads masquerading as columns, and then there are the insidious ads where the magazine is blatantly pushing brand name items in their columns.

I decided to sit down and count how many and what types of adds occur and determine the distribution of content across the span of the magazine. After analyzing the magazine I decided to poke a little fun at the amazing amount of advertising in bon appétit by creating an info graphic.

Infographic showing large proportion of ads in the magazine.

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